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Benifits Of Learning Abacus

Abacus is a method of learning that helps develop arithmetic math skills while further developing general cognitive skills. This type of calculation supports multiple types of math such as, multiplication, addition, subtraction, division, square root, and cube root, which are basic fundamental skills for advanced math. As we all know that the human brain consists of two portions, the left brain and the right brain. The left side of our brain is known as the  left hemisphere and the right side of the brain is known as the right hemisphere. Both brains always work in opposite directions so if we use our left hand then the right side of our brain works and similarly if we use our right hand then the left side of our brain comes into picture. In Abacus we teach students how to use both their hands, so that both sides of the brain work simultaneously. This leads to brain development. The following are some of the benefits of learning abacus.

Improves gross motor skills: As the calculating instrument involves the use of hands and fingers to move the beads, this acts as an excellent brain stimulator. It improves the efficiency of the brain and also stimulates the sensory organs.

Improve math skills: General math may seem like a task, but if you learn abacus, all kinds of calculations will become simple. Abacus helps improve your skills, allowing you to calculate equations exponentially faster. For visual learners, it can help them finally understand concepts of math that they may have known in the past.

Improves concentration: Abacus is known for its ability to improve concentration, as low concentration can be a lifelong obstacle if not corrected at an early age.

Improves systematic skills: Abacus improves a child’s problem-solving skills through the various forms of mathematics used in this form of calculation.

Improves the power of memory: Working with Abacus improves the student’s visual-spatial and working memory through its hands-on engagement.

Improves visualization skills: The ability to do mental arithmetics can be grown by using Abacus, as it improves your ability to visualize how you are calculating.

Improves the fundamentals of learning: Children remember better if teaching is associated with an object which they could relate concepts with. Similarly, when they use the abacus, they absorb the quality of referencing it while doing any form of calculation. This strengthens the fundamentals and basic concepts of learning. 

Improves confidence: Students who learn abacus gain a faster rate of comprehension, which allows them to complete their work faster, and more successfully with less struggle. This eases any tension they may be feeling and boosts their level of confidence.

We recommend that you learn abacus and discover these benefits that are mentioned above for yourself, and see the changes that a simple online course through Genius Kids Academy can make in your life.

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