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List of Programs:

  • Math
  • Science
  • Abacus
  • Handwriting
  • English

Abacus Senior Course Structure

After every level, the exam will be conducted and all successful students will be issued a certificate for each level. There are 12 levels in total for Abacus and each student starts at level 1. 

Duration of Course

Parents can choose to pay either by the hour or by the month. While we do separate our course levels, we always give students the opportunity to move up through testing. A course can be as long as you need it. Whether you want to go for multiple years, multiple months, or even multiple days, Genius Abacus Kids has a plan that best fits your needs.

Who can Join?

All students K-12 can join any of our available courses. We recommend Juniors and Seniors take our advanced test preparation courses as they prepare for their college entrance exams, but they are more than welcome to take our general courses and advanced tutoring as well. 

About Us

Genius Abacus Kids Academy is an accredited institution that provides after-school academic programs for children to help bolster their academic skills.  To learn more, visit the various tabs on our website.