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Tuition and fees

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Monthly Plan Fee Breakdown

Monthly Tuition: — $350 / month 

Registration — $60 per child

Assessment Test $40

Supplies (+ tax)— $150

10% discount for each additional student after the first.

Hourly Plan Tuition and Fees

Hourly Rate – $50 an hour

Registration Fee— $60 per child (One time Fee)

Assessment Test: $40 per child (One Time Fee)

Books/Supplies $150 per child. (One Time Fee)

Total Cost: One Time Fee of  $250 + $50 Per Hour

10% discount for each additional child after the first.

About Us

Genius Abacus Kids Academy is an accredited institution that provides after-school academic programs for children to help bolster their academic skills.  To learn more, visit the various tabs on our website.