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Genius Kids Academy (GKA) offers you an online platform from where you can master your Calculation, Writing and Reading skills plus more by learning through our online courses by any digital medium (Phone/Tablet/Laptop/Computer). Our tutorial videos are made by tutors who will do everything to help your child succeed. The approach of GKA is to serve students online with our websites training all over the world and make it easy to access at an affordable rate.

Meet our Principal Madhuri Chandra.

Madhuri Chandra is the Owner/Principal/Teacher at Genius Abacus Kids Academy. She is an entrepreneur by nature and a true visionary. Serving for more than 20 years at Genius Kids Academy and training thousands of students in the Washington area, She believes she could help even more kids through this online program.
Her dedication to kids learning, helped fuel her drive for this e-learning platform for kids all over the world!
Her message to parents all around the world “More often than not, students have trouble with time management, and have difficulty keeping up with a traditional school peace. That’s why I wanted to give as many learning opportunities to these kids as possible. And I know these programs can help!”

She wanted to provide an affordable online platform for students to learn abacus that would give them a sense of ease when using abacus in their day-to-day lives. This was where the journey to make GKA an e-learning platform had started.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s dig deep into what GKA is….

Genius Kids Academy provides a learning program for students to develop calculating ability or computational skills in Arithmetic and Handwriting Improvement Program. Our aim is to improve computing skill, confidence, concentration, thinking observance and reading and writing abilities. The learning and calculating ability can be increased without using any external tools like calculator, paper & pen etc and for improving handwriting you would need continuous practice and special training. By using their own mental power, children can easily solve any Math problem with speed and accuracy. With the right sequence of training, students would be able to perfect themselves in calculating any mathematical problem. This is only possible if the teaching is done in a fun & interesting way


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What is the perfect age-group for learning our online programs?

Genius Kids Academy is an accredited institution which provides training programs for children in the age group of 5-12 years to develop their learning abilities and mathematical skills. It increases listening ability, and helps kids in the future academic aspirations.

Why should your child join Genius Abacus Kids Academy?

In today’s competitive world the only way to survive is to work hard and persevere. Universal Abacus Programs will help your child in sharpening their arithmetical skills with the help of an ancient tool called “ABACUS”.