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​Abacus Math & Mental Calculation

Its a true fact that the term Math or Mathematics is correlated with mental calculation. Abacus is the way to sharp the mental ability of solving mathematical problems quickly or without taking any stress or burden. We have to practice…

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​Importance of Abacus in Math

What is mathematics? Mathematics is the ultimate result of methods and solutions  i.e. Answers= Methods + Solutions. Students face problems while solving any mathematical sums where the sum needs  calculations, speed,accuracy and interpretation.           When any…

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​Does Abacus Math develops students personality??

It is a question in every parents mind that does Abacus Math develops students personality or not ?? Abacus Math for personality development ? Appropriate question , as parents have the right to know whether Abacus learning is best for…

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Discovery of Abacus Maths

Abacus Math is not a new concept. Recent discoveries shows that the earliest form of Abacus was found in Salamis Islands. They are considered to be the ancestors of abacus. After that around 3000 BC China developed Abacus. They make…

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​Abacus Math & Vedic Maths Mental Calculation

Abacus Math & Vedic Math are included in the scientifically approved methods.We can improve the mental calculation ability of kids by giving them facility to learn abacus or vedic math.  Abacus is a calculating tool or a device used for…

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