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About Genius Abacus Kids Academy

Genius Abacus Kids Academy is an accredited institution that provides a training program for children in the age group of 5-12 years to develop their learning abilities and mathematical skills. It increases the listening ability, analytical skills which is very important in solving any problem. It also provides Handwriting Improvement Course.

Genius Abacus Kids Academy provides a learning program for children to develop the calculating ability or computational skills in the Arithmetic and Handwriting Improvement Program. Our aim is to improve computing skills, confidence, concentration, thinking observance and reading and writing abilities. The learning and calculating ability can be increased without using any external tools like calculator, paper & pen, etc and for improving Handwriting you would need continuous practice and special training. By using their own mental power, children can easily solve any Math problem with speed and accuracy.

With the right sequence of training, students would be able to perfect themselves in calculating any mathematical problem. This is only possible if the teaching is done in a fun & interesting way.

The mastery of ‘Abacus’ and Handwriting improvement is only possible if you choose the best institution which will be beneficial for your kids as Abacus math learning is a long term program. The aim of Genius Abacus  Kids Academy is to dig out the hidden potential of kids. At our institute, we follow result-oriented educational techniques to help your child learn and adopt easy methods of solving difficult problems of mathematics. We ensure that your child can perform arithmetical calculations like addition, subtraction, division & multiplication easily with unbelievable speed and absolute accuracy. By the end of the course, the students would, in fact, be able to outdo the electronic calculations as well. At Genius Abacus Academy we are committed to offering quality educations in the field of Abacus Math & Handwriting Improvement.