Genius Abacus Kids Academy




Genius Abacus Kids Academy Senior Mental Arithmetic Program consists of eight levels and each level lasts for 12 sessions of 2 hours each. This program is designed for children of ages 6+ through 12. Children aged 6+ may be allowed to enroll after passing a test to determine their capability to undergo this Program. Students take an assessment at the end of each level.

Teaching Method: Saturday & Sunday class at a convenient time.

Class duration: Minimum 2 hours

Promotion system: There are 8 levels in Genius Abacus Academy, kent WA, which are spanned across 24 months /2 years. Each level is of 3 months and an exam is conducted by the end of each level. Children will have to sit Level examination in every Level. Children may have remained in the earlier (existing) Level if any of the students could not obtain the minimum pass mark and in that case, further revision program will be provided for any further period without taking tuition fees for further period.

Take a tour please: Read out this sum orally to a child of class I.

6 +3 -4 +2 -5 +7 -8 +3 +5 -9 +1 +2 +6 -7 -1 +5 +3 -2 -5 +7 -9 + = ?

In the traditional method, it will take approximately 1 minute but In abacus, approximately 5 seconds.