Genius Abacus Kids Academy

Two kids taking an abacus tutoring junior program near Seattle, WA
Kids aged between 5 and 6 years are eligible for the Genius abacus kids Academy Junior program. This is a prime age for developing mental arithmetic skills. Students are provided with abacus and standardized books with a carefully structured syllabus for the little ones. The books are Activity based which makes Math interesting at this level. Academy Junior molds and motivates the minds of the children by introducing interesting techniques. Genius Abacus kids Academy Junior initially uses ABACUS as an ideal learning tool to teach fundamental Math. The activity based materials encourage their minds to think in different possible directions

Features of the Genius Abacus Kids Academy Junior Program

  • Learning becomes a fun-filled activity which keeps the little ones interested
  • Small batches to provide individual attention focusing on each kid’s needs
  • Well trained teachers who can efficiently handle kindergartners and first graders
  • By the end of this program, children are able to handle numbers with multiple digits

The Benefits of  Junior Program

  1. It creates a strong foundation in math.
  2. Increases memory power, focusing skills and confidence at an early age.
  3. Helps in developing a liking for math.
  4. Improves concentration skills for a more focused learning

Program Structure

The Junior Level course consists of 10 levels, with a 3 month period at each level. The classes are once a week and the time duration is 2 hours. Performance evaluation is completed at the end of each level.