​What is Phonics

Phonics is a  method for teaching reading and writing by developing learner’s phonemic awareness. The words with phon always have something to do with sound, like phone, microphone etc. Phonics is all about teaching children the sounds in English words. Actually when we can identify sounds in words and sentences , we are on our way to become literate. We can even start forming our own words by combining sounds. Phonics create confidence in our child to identify vowels, consonants and can at least attempt to read the words. Phonics basically teaches our child how to sound out words in English language.

 Phonics is an excellent way to teach children, how to read and ultimately how to write. The goal of phonics is to enable beginning readers to decide new written words by sounding them out, or in phonics terms, blending the sound-spelling patterns. It focuses on the spoken and written units within words, phonics is a sublexical approach. It has been widely used in primary level. Phonics is absolutely essential for helping children begin to read. Once the code of reading has been cracked through phonics, children will then have the ability to explore the length and breadth of literacy as a whole. Phonics is the most effective way to get children reading early. 

Phonics helps our child learn to read and spell. Our child can’t be fully literate without getting phonics learning. It is the best skill for small kids to get knowledge about all English words by identifying through sounds. Their mental leve will automatically improves by learning words by phonics. 
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