Handwriting is an Art

Handwriting itself is an art. Art means a skill acquired by experience, study or observation. You can easily relate handwriting with an art. As only a continuous practice & good guidance can help your child to grasp any skill. Everyone is born with a hidden skill and the only work is to find out by observing their behaviour and daily routine. It is a tough task and our whole future is depand on this. Even the tiniest inspiration could be the gateway to a future.
Learning cursive is a connection between brain & hand movement . As we draw a flower or a house then what way we draw our pencil or hold it in a artistic manner plays a important role in drawing to figure out something. In the same way there are different things to be kept in mind while learning handwriting. Good handwriting attracts everyone’s attention. Even our handwriting depicts the personality of anyone. Cursive handwriting is like an art form and feel that it helps developed finely tuned hand eye coordination. The brain also works differently when we are writing by hand versus typing. This is a crucial art form that should not be denied to anyone.

If we feel then you can imagine handwriting is just like drawing birds and they are so creative. You have seen that someone’s handwriting is so beautiful & so effortless. When they wrote something in cursive across the chalkboard you would swear you could hear angles sing. Only the dedication and precision make it possible. They see the wonderful art possibilities in every letter. It is shame that such beautiful writing seems to be going to the sight.
Genius Abacus Kids academy is the best to give knowledge about handwriting skill. Good guidance always plays an important role to learn any skill or art. So it is the best choice for you !

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