​Abacus Math & Mental Calculation

Its a true fact that the term Math or Mathematics is correlated with mental calculation. Abacus is the way to sharp the mental ability of solving mathematical problems quickly or without taking any stress or burden. We have to practice time tested and scientifically approved methods for Abacus Math & Vedic Math. Techniques & methods help a student to maintain their interest to solve any difficult mathematical problem in an easy way.

In abacus math by using a tool or practicing beads movement student can solve problems. The hardcore practicing will help them to find answer by calculating any math problem mentally. 
Whereas in Vedic Math by applying different sutras student can solve problems mentally. There is a need to recognise pattern and learn it well. After practicing many problems students are able to do sum correctly and with an immense speed.

Both methods are good & right for those who are ready to work hard to learn any specific skill. Age is also a key factor to grasp any skill. Some skills can be easily learn at an early age so there is always a need to recognise your opportunity to learn any skill at right age. Right decision at right timeplays a vital role to make your future.

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