Writing with a pen or pencil in the hand is the general meaning of Handwriting. Handwriting leaves a lasting trace as it is means of expressing language. It is also known as ‘ Language by Hand’. We can express our feelings and emotions physically by expressing our thoughts and ideas. We also communicate with others by writing notes. In this modern age where smartphones & computers made handwriting quite redundant. Now we don’t care our kids handwriting skill has been deteriorating day by day. Even we don’t think that improvement of Handwriting is a matter of concern. So it becomes a totally not thinkable topic. But it is a fundamental way to make our mark, an aspect of our personality which can’t be assumed by sending an email. Handwritten letter has its own value. Sometimes we can feel the love and affection send by our loved ones. It reflects our personality.  Handwriting itself is a skill which involves so many aspects  to master it as cognitive, linguistic, perceptual and motor components. All components when coordinated into an  integrated  manner then improvement in writing is possible. Generally we take it for granted and it becomes our habit which is not good. We always try to improve ourselves. 

There are various points which should be kept in mind if we want to improve our handwriting or try to improve our kids writing skill. Improving writing in small age is a better option. If we ignore it then it would be difficult to improve it later.  Kids are like wet clay and we can mould it as we wish. We should try our best to perfect them in all fields. They have the power to grasp new things in a better way. So don’t waste this time. Improving handwriting is also a skill and by giving right direction and under good teacher you can learn it. 

Genius Abacus Kids Academy also introduced Handwriting Improvement classes. So now you have the best option to teach your kids .
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