​Importance of Abacus in Math

What is mathematics? Mathematics is the ultimate result of methods and solutions  i.e. Answers= Methods + Solutions. Students face problems while solving any mathematical sums where the sum needs  calculations, speed,accuracy and interpretation.
          When any student does any silly mistake while solving any mathematical problem then it should be considered as serious mistake rather than taking it lightly. Immediate actions should be taken to correct their mistakes as later it would become their habit.   Conventional schools give us opportunity to gain knowledge but they don’t make our kids perfect in any skills . For developing skills we should search for any skill centres who do efforts to make your kids perfect in mental calculations. We should try to understand the  following points-

1.   Communication skills are not  taught in conventional learning system only languages can be taught.

2.  Good Handwriting skills are not  taught in conventional learning system only they stress on Writing. 

3.More Stress should be given on mental calculation.

4.  No stress  on any skill only stress on education.


 Learning of education is not as important as learning of skill. So it is not good to fully depend on conventional math education system which is given by schools but we should try to give importance to mental math also by which learning ability to deal with numbers can  be increased. Every system has its own merits & demerits. So both are equally important. While studying in conventional schools we should also try to improve the student’s ability by guiding them to develop other skills as by learning mental mathematical skills through abacus they can improve their performance in Mathematics ,which is the ultimate aim of learning Maths.

Solving concept of numbers through written numericals  is the aim of school math but the main aim should be to make the student capable  to solve any mathematical problem mentally with accuracy and speed . 

      These undealt issues can be solved very easily by Abacus Math Classes. Genius Abacus Kids Academy also provides best education. The main aim of this Academy is to make every student so to develop mental calculating ability.

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