​Does Abacus Math develops students personality??

It is a question in every parents mind that does Abacus Math develops students personality or not ?? Abacus Math for personality development ? Appropriate question , as parents have the right to know whether Abacus learning is best for their kids or not? Nowadays you can see that abacus classes popularity is growing day by day. In this modern age where computers and calculators are using in every field but still Abacus learning has its own importance. The popularity towards Abacus is growing as now parents are more concerned about their kids math ability. As math ability is directly connected with  so many fields which can improve their personality and passion towards so many fields. Many ways to join so attractive courses are automatically open when anyone is perfect in Math. Academic performance of kids also improved when they join Abacus classes. 
     Scientific evidences shows that concentration power, calculating power, thinking power and decision making power are the points which attract parents to join their kids Abacus Math Classes. Abacus Math is a program of after-school math enrichment program through which a student can improve focus, concentration & confidence. Our sum should be to build strong math skill, confidence and creating a love for math. Abacus is best for the age group of 4-12 . This is the best age group as students can easily relate themselves to learn Math by manipulating the beads of Abacus and learn Addition, Subtraction, multiplication & division. After a lot of practice under a trained teacher kids perform calculation mentally, which is the ultimate aim of learning Abacus Math. Complicated Mathematical problems can be solved very easily and quickly by just learning Abacus. 

  So in short, personality can be developed if children will be confident. As the confidence level is increased if kids can solve Math problems without taking anyone’s help. It also affects the decision making power as smart or confident person can take any decision without any fear.

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