Discovery of Abacus Maths

Abacus Math is not a new concept. Recent discoveries shows that the earliest form of Abacus was found in Salamis Islands. They are considered to be the ancestors of abacus. After that around 3000 BC China developed Abacus. They make it more compact and easy to use. Abacus invention can’t be assume as a fixed date. It is a numeral system which keeps on changing according to the evolution of civilization. In the earliest form, generally pebbles,twigs & knots were used but after that it change to marble slates/ boards with balls. 
     It is also found that in the first century Indians used abacus with  separate column that counted digits with ‘ Shunya’ (zero). After that Sorobon Abacus was taken place and developed by a great mathematician Semi Kowa from Japan who gave a new version by removing one bead each from upper and lower decks to make it 1/4 decks.

   Yet, till now more searches to get new facts are pending which can give a confirmed statement on the invention of Abacus.

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