​Abacus Math & Vedic Maths Mental Calculation

Abacus Math & Vedic Math are included in the scientifically approved methods.We can improve the mental calculation ability of kids by giving them facility to learn abacus or vedic math. 

Abacus is a calculating tool or a device used for counting and calculating by sliding small balls or beads along rods or in grooves. It is a true assistant for anyone who wants to perform his  calculations very quickly and full authority. 

In Vedic Math we don’t need any tool or device to solve math related problems. Instead of using tool there are sixteen sutras which help to improve the mental ability  of kid. Students do practice to sharp their mental ability. Vedic Maths make their vision enlarge so that they can be confident to solve not only math problems relating to their school syllabus but also all types of math problem.

 kids are like wet clay, we can easily mould their interest by guiding them in the right direction.  Abacus & Vedic  Math provids techniques to solve Math problems. Both are good but we should keep in mind the right age of kids so that best method be selected. 

Right task at right age will always give fruitful results. Never leave a chance when your kid is small. As this is the best techniques by which their mental ability could be improved. Their confidence level could be increased as the fear of solving math problem disappears. They will never feel bored while performing calculation.

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