​Right Age of Learning Abacus & Mental Training.

Mental ability of every kid is different and it can be measured by their actions. Closed family members are the one who can perfectly analyze the kids grasping power. Mental training starts when kids can understand the language of instruction. Kids starts calculations by counting their toys or family members. In this age kids learns quickly and accurately from surroundings like speech, manners and actions.Kids start doing Math automatically or unknowingly. Parents should keep an eye on every actions and grasping power of kids. Knowledge can be shared at a very proper age. So from infancy till 8 years of age they learn very quickly and accurately. So to introduce Abacus Math 4-12 years of age is best as they grow in all aspects of development. 

Parents should try to  boost all good qualities or learning habits in this age. Mental ability of any kid could be increased by giving right training at right age. Exploring for mental activities age 4-12 is best. So if we give abacus training at this age they grasp it very quickly and their calculating power can be increased. Automatically Math Phoba will be disappeared. Then they will not solve Mathematical problem as a burden. 

So parents should try to boost their kids morally, to give proper learning devices and try to explorecreative minds from early childhood. Giving Abacus training is one of the best tool to explore their mental skill.

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