Is Comparing Kumon, Vedic Math & Abacus is Right ?

Nowadays, computers are going to be there to do calculations. What we need is thinking minds which can formulate a real world problem into a mathematical problem and solve them. All the three versions Kumon, Abacus & Vedic Math are used to train a child for their  brain function improvement .

 Mathematics is a game of numbers and some concepts are derived by our ancient sages to make maths easy & interesting. The Math which required Sutras to solve mathematical problems is called Vedic Math. Senior students  i.e. ,above the 12 years of  age is perfect to study Vedic Math. Senior students can easily understand the vedic sutras and subsutras.

In Abacus  a child needs a tool for the purpose of calculation. ABACUS gives a vast vision to a child because it sharpens the mental level which improves the efficiency of any child to perform better not on the school level but also in the competitive fields. Early age , about 4-12 years is best to study Abacus as kids are more comfortable of learning math by using Abacus tool. Because brain is in developing state and abacus tool is a brain excericer to sharpen the brain to do all mathematical calculations in mind within a second. ABACUS increases the child’s memory power, concentration level and the speed of response to a situation. It helps in sharpening the brain power of any kid which automatically improves the ability of solving any mathematical problem. A child will perfect in the basics of four modes- Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication & Division. These are the basics for higher studies too.
Kumon is a brand  or a tutoring teaching mathematics by completing worksheets of increasing difficulty.They generally includes highly researched content. No age bar is required to study Kumon.And there is no curriculum for mental maths with, only giving  worksheets to solve problems which needs the engagement of parents.

Studying of different techniques are a boon for conventional educational Mathematics. Scientifically acclaimed methods create interest in studying Mathematics.

As now everyone could easily understand the fact that all techniques are different and unique. We could not select any technique good or bad. All depends on  the grasping power & interest of any child too .

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