Abacus is simply a device for helping a human being to calculate by remembering what has been counted. Simply,Abacus is a tool used for the purpose of calculation. So, in Genius Abacus Kids Academy more stress is given on doing calculations through Abacus whether students are in the class or outside the classroom. Students should try to solve all their maths class problems through Abacus. We believe that parents are involved in their children’s learning help them to make faster progress ,to gain confidence in their own abilities and to achieve better results. You all will be amazed to hear the news that in new UK Abacus is included in MATHS PRIMARY CURRICULUM.

Why school homework should be done by Abacus.

• To promote links between home and school in supporting each child’s learning.

• Improve practice skills.

• To help children develop the skills of an independent learner.

• To develop good work habits for the future.

When a child is habituated to solve maths problems whether in school or anywhere then after sometime they wouldn’t need an Abacus anymore. They imagine an Abacus in their head and this is called image. To link the physical Abacus ,to imaginary objects,created the image Abacus,the Abacus that uses both sides of their brain linking them for Ultimate Brain Power.
How to do school homework by Abacus.

() 2 3

+ 4 9

2 5


Above addition problem can be solved by both Abacus learning child and a general child who learns mathematics traditionally. Abacus child add 3+9+5 =17 by following Abacus pattern instantly and add one in the blank box and add 1+2+4+2=9 in tens place and does it in faster and accurately without having any fear of doubt. So in short Abacus increases your child’s ultimate brain power. By level second of Abacus students could able to solve mentally 23+49+25.

• Abacus makes brain stronger.

• Patience power of child will increase.

So in GENIUS ABACUS KIDS ACADEMY we engrossed all the good things in our students and the parents of these students who have been teaching in this academy are also satisfied with the way of learning.

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