Review of Genius Abacus Kids Academy (Washington)

Cradle of Joy

Hi guys,

As the strength of a building can be measured by its foundation, same is true in case of measuring the capability of a man. Kids are like wet soil, in which shape we mould them, they will be turn like that. It’s the duty of parents to develop good habits or good knowledge in their children so that they will be successful in their life. Never waste time while thinking that your kids are too small, this is the right age ( From 4- 12) when they can understand different techniques. In general, kids get their first lesson from their home and their parents are there teachers. Only they can nourish good habits or good things in their child.

Well, my today’s post is for my readers who are from Washington. Anacademy is going to start in your area in whichAbacus will be taught and Handwriting…

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